Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Empty Self Meets Satan

What I love about Wilco is their ability to "name" the powers that consume us (pun intended). Unfortunately, I'm not sure that the evangelical church has that same ability to illuminate the "powers and principalities"...thank God for Wilco and their faithfulness in reminding us that the road to Hell is shiny and often involves insatiable desires to shop. Check out this brilliant video interpretation of Wilco's song "Hell is Chrome" (It reminds me a little bit of Radiohead's video for "Fake Plastic Trees")!

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Nate O. said...

Definitely reminds me of of Radiohead's video. So basic of a video, yet it reveals so much power.

Freshman Year. Intro to Christian Liberal Arts. Thursday afternoon. First week of class. Fake Plastic Tree's and Conversation. Haven't forgotten it. Thanks